This Is Why Boutique Owners Are Freaking Out When We Audit Their Websites

Elizabeth Ann had the right product mix, great foot traffic, and was absolutely crushing it on Instagram.

She didn’t really pay much attention to her website. Her website worked fine (or so she thought) and customers could see her address and hours and a few of her products. She even got a few orders now and then. After dealing with four different web designers and two SEO “gurus” without much success she had finally resigned herself to “just having a website so people know you are open”. After having spent thousands of dollars on several different web designers she was just over it.

Then came the hurricane. More so the threat of the hurricane – it hit far North of her store and she had no physical damage. But she didn’t have any foot traffic either. The shop was closed for a week of evacuations and then it took another two weeks for the tourists and locals to show back up. Three weeks of nothing.

Except for a few sales off the website. The first week. At the beginning of week two she got a call from a customer who regularly shopped with her while on vacation. She wanted to order a silk scarf but the cart wouldn’t work.

Elizabeth Ann checked her site and the shopping cart wasn’t working. She frantically called her latest “webmaster” and he got back to her a couple of days later. When he did, he explained to her that a plugin update had gone unnoticed and the site was now working.

“How many sales did I miss?” Elizabeth Ann sat wondering into her latte.

Unfortunately for her, the shopping cart issue was only the visible scratch on the surface. Her website problems went much deeper. She kept having problems and finally her friend who is a happy client of ours put us in touch.

“How much will I be charged this time” she asked, during our first chat.

“We have transparent pricing for the work we do but let’s take a look at your site first – and we don’t charge for that – and see how much help you need” we replied.

“That’s fine but I just can’t bear the thought of going through another website design but I guess I’m going to have to” she sighed.

After a 40-point full audit of her website we found several problems that affected not only her website but were also leaving piles of money on the table for her business.

What freaked her out the most was that we didn’t want to redesign her website. The design was actually fantastic – it was just broken and needed some TLC.

With the website audit we were not only able to figure out where she currently was but also come up with a plan for her that was both affordable and almost immediately increased online revenue.

We’d be happy to do the same Website Audit for you, with no obligation. We’ll go over 40 different points on your site and then give you a 25+ page report on what needs work. You can then take that to your current website person or we can help you out.

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