Terms & Conditions

Updated Feb 18, 2020

We like to keep things simple here. In addition to the terms and conditions for our payment processor, Stripe, we’d also like to add.

  • All work is done “for hire” meaning you own your content, images, etc. and your website 100%!
  • We do not handle domain name registrations or email. This is for your protection and anyone who offers to handle this for you could possibly hold your site or email hostage – which is why we don’t offer these services.  We recommend GoDaddy for domains and Gmail or Microsoft Exchange for email!
  • We require a 30 day notice for cancellations (this gives us time to make any final updates to your site and package it for moving to the new host of your choice).
  • Making your website live acknowledges that we have performed the work and you are satisfied with the work.
  • We do not offer refunds if you cancel but you can cancel at any time and you won’t be billed again (subject to 30 day notice).