Steaks Rare, Websites Well Done.

Steaks Rare, Websites
Well Done.

What if you could buy one website and not have to worry about it ever again? A site that grew and evolved with your business and stayed ahead of the trends so it was always fresh, effective and new?

Here’s our process:


Step One

Intake & Design

We'll gather all the information we need to build you the perfect website. Using our proprietary process, we'll generate a design concept and nail down any functionality requirements so we can design the perfect website for you. In about a week, we'll have a design concept ready for your approval.


Step Two

Buildout & Coding

Our coding team will turn your approved design into a fully functional website, with all the shiny bells and whistles you need for an effective website.

Quality Control

Step Three

Feedback, Changes & Quality Control

Once we've built your site, your success coach will go over the site with you and allow you to leave feedback with our proprietary visual feedback tool. Instead of endless emails back and forth, you'll have a simple tool that allows you to click right on the site and leave feedback and changes to our development team.


Step Four

Preflight Check & Launch

Once you are happy with the first version of your site (we say first because we will be constantly improving your site) then our Quality Control team will go over the site with a magnifying glass and prep it for launch. We'll then migrate it to our cloud servers and point your domain name to it. Sit back and let us manage your site from now on!

Website Done Well Process

That’s not all, you’ll get our best-in-class support & unlimited maintenance once your site is launched.

Blazing Fast Hosting

Your site will live in a fully managed environment on Amazon’s fast and secure cloud.

Unlimited Changes

We’ll make unlimited changes to your site so you never have to touch it again. Ever!

Local Search

If your customers can’t find you, then what’s the point? We’ll set you up in Google or tweak your existing listing.

Optimized For SEO

We’ll optimize your site for SEO, track of your keyword ranking changes and see how you stack up against your competitors

Daily Backups

Your site will be backed up twice daily on two different cloud platforms for total piece of mind.

Uptime Monitoring

Real-time notifications sent to our support team if your site goes down at any time or for any reason!

Security Scans

Your site is scanned several times daily for malware and hacks. If there is a problem, our team will be notified and take care of it.

Hack Repair

If for some reason (highly unlikely) your site IS hacked, we’ll remove the malware and fix it – most likely before you or your customers even notice!

Full Backend Updates

Plugins, themes and widgets – we’ll keep them all udpated and working on your site – with zero downtime!

Performance Checks

You’ll get a monthly performance report to gain insight into what is happening with your website and how it’s performing.

Success Reports

You’ll get a monthly report with analytics about how your site and make any recommendations to you for improvements – which we’ll do for you!

Site Renew

About every 18 months that you are a client, we’ll re-design your site to reflect current trends so your site never looks old or dated!

Let Us Build Your Last Website.

Please contact us for a quick-quote. Our fully featured, custom websites start at $3500 and that’s a good range for most small to medium businesses. Of course, e-commerce is more and so are custom features. We’ll work with you to establish a hard price for your project that makes sense for you and your business.